All your camper needs to come to BarkMore Park, is to be current on his/her vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Bordetella), Campers over 6 months old must be spayed/neutered and all Campers must be friendly with other dogs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any unsocial dogs. We are strictly a group play facility and all of our employee’s time is dedicated to watching the social dogs play in our ParkYards. We would be unable to give the necessary attention to any unsocial dogs.

At BarkMore Park we have everything your camper needs to have a fun and comfortable stay in The Lodge (Beds, Blankets, Bowls, Toys, etc.) Of course you are welcome to bring anything that will make your camper feel more at home, including their own toys, treats or special bed/blanket. We recommend that you bring your camper’s own food so he/she can stay on their normal diet. While not necessary, it will help your camper have a better day’s play and a good night’s sleep.

Overnight guests at BarkMore Park are closely monitored by security cameras with motion and sound detection that alert the BarkRangers if there are any issues. Overnight guests get a much more restful night sleep when there isn’t a human present. A good night’s sleep is necessary for the next fun filled day at BarkMore Park.

Unlike a normal kennel where dogs spend their whole stay in a small room and are only let out a few times during the day, at BarkMore Park we make sure all the campers get as much play time and attention as they want. The campers are out playing all day with just a short nap time in the middle of the day. We also have live cameras streaming for all play times so you can see that your Camper is having fun and being well cared for!

If you notice your Camper’s paws are sore or sensitive after his/her stay at BarkMore Park, don’t worry, they will be back to normal soon and even come back stronger than they were before. Most dogs aren’t used to playing all day and their pads aren’t always ready for it the first time. The more they come and play with us at BarkMore Park the less you’ll notice this happening. We frequently check pads for soreness or sensitivity and take it easy with dogs that we notice are having sensitivity.

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